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Rock, Reggea, Blues, Funk, Soul etc...                           All genres merge into one musical fusion. 

Our first album is the fundament that we build to present our band with our statements.
We show what we are capable of and a lot has yet to come. The album consists of 11 songs and some songs are needed to be listened to, to understand the songs yet coming.
UGS for example is a song that is explaining the meaning of UGS, cause it will be used in various songs to describe a certain category of people. We are working hard to publish it until the end of the year, but it might be a lil delayed.
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Mermaid illusion
The moon needs the sun to shine
Manufactured soldier
Run daddy stay
Alone against a lot
The bill
Blue screen 
The blues of freedom
Enjoy it!

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The blues of freedom live at Riverside 2018 -



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Lyrics and vocals
Birthdate: 15.07. I am a lady
Born in: Aubervilliers Paris (93)(FR)
Favorite color: purple
Favorite bands: Queen, Beatles, the Distillers, Pink! and Bob Marley
Spoken Languages: French, Swiss German, German, English, Italian and Dutch
The creative and demanding one

Dreams come true when you decide to make it yourreality.


Birthdate:  19.01.1966
Born in:  Nice (FR)
Favorite color:  blue
Favorite bands  
Macklemore, Kaptn Peng
 and King Crimson
Spoken languages 
French, Swiss German, German, English and Spanish 
The yogi

Take it easy!


Birthdate: 09.04.1997  
Born in: Wattwil (CH)
Favorite color:  olivegreen
Favorite bands 
Kygo, Bob Marley and
Rage against the machines

Spoken l
Swiss German, German, English
The cute one

Music should not be judged by genre


Birthdate 23.09.1986
Born in: We never found out
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite bands: 
Queens of the Stoneage and
the many more
The rebel

Listen to the voice within,
the head is just a tool


Birthdate: 30.12.1990
Born in: Münsterlingen (CH)
Favorite color: green&yellow
Favorite bands  
Ska-P and Poppa Chubby
Spoken languages 
Swiss German, German, English
The troublemaker

When I hit,
you'll feel no pain


About Moonseed

The beautiful forbidden fruit as it is highly poisonous
the moon which controls the emotions and seeds the power of lucidity in the dark.

We come as a freak of nature.
You'll never know how a song will end and if there are some mood changes in-between.
The different music genres merge into an acoustic eclipse of the sounds. 

When you start to listen to them and you realize that it is not just sound but there is also a deeper meaning to it, you start to understand what we lyrically try to seed. 
We switch from self-reflecting to politically critical songs and give you a good look in our way of seeing the world for the moment.
We are alternativ and passionated about our believes and music.
Moonseed is a seed that is meant to be planted within your auditory cortex. 

A little bit History

Loceana started to search for musicians a long time ago and it took her a while until she found the right ones.
It took her many trials in different countries with the same songs until it finally clicked with the musicians that are today forming the band "Moonseed". 

At first Xandro and Loceana met at the market and the fascination between them, wouldn't leave them go.
They went home and within five minutes they had a finished song to present. ("Mysterious stranger" will be published in a following album.)
She wrote a song about him 15 years ago and now the mystery has been revealed.
Both started to make music together and had to come to the conclusion that Xandro, as a drummer, cannot play the guitar at Loceana's side forever.
We needed a new guitar player...  

A few days later at a nightly jamsession we met Etienne, who was immediately connected to Loceana, because they both speak french.
Together as a trio they started to work on songs and to look for a bass player, which seemed to be more than a challenge.
For two years they couldn't find one. Many bass player had auditions and one stayed even for a while....
but it was just not the correct match...

We almost lost our motivation and then at once there was this bass player that Etienne somehow magically pulled out of his pocket.
We invited him to the next session and were all very curious about him.
He stepped out of his car and at this moment Xandro and Loceana started to realize that they know Josh! already.
As a coincidence they were jaming together a few month ago without even knowing their names and without knowing of each others common passions. 

Moonseed started finally to have some structure and a week later Joenice came along, played with us and was directly included as a keyboarder.
No words needed to be said, we knew a new band has been created. 
We are Moonseed.

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Special thanks to:
Severin Fischli for the logo design andRoland Rüegg for the background material of our picture

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